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For the Long Haul — How a Finance Degree Can Boost Your Long-Term Finances

  • January 15, 2015
  • By Grace
For the Long Haul — How a Finance Degree Can Boost Your Long-Term Finances

For earning potential and future security, there are few degrees that rival Finance. If you aspire to becoming an entrepreneur, occupying a managerial position or getting on the fast track to a job in a financial firm, your grounding in accounting, investment and corporate finance can win you kudos with potential employers. But like any business investment, you have to assess the pros and cons of your next move. Here are some of the reasons that pursuing an education in all things monetary might get you closer to your dreams.


Earning power

No-one can be certain of a secure economic future, but if you’re looking for a degree that will give you the best possible chance at one, finance is a great place to start. Whether you end up working for the government, managing a business or becoming an accountant, on average your starting salary as a graduate looks statistically excellent.


If you’ve always dreamed of becoming your own boss, you’ll need more than raw entrepreneurial spirit to make your business a success. Practical skills like accounting, business administration and auditing will become the backbone of your enterprise. You’ll learn how to write (and stick to!) a strategy, analyze data and manage the risks involved with setting out on your own. To boot, in the first months of business, you’ll save on the expense of outsourcing to expensive accountants and business consultants.


Global perspective

Choosing to pursue your finance degree abroad can offer some invaluable perspective on emergent global markets in an international setting, making you even more viable for employment in the financial sector. If you combine your studies with some work experience while you’re away from home, you gain a keen edge over the competition with your demonstrable ability to adapt to working overseas.


Once you’re qualified, nobody can take it away from you. Receiving your degree is like sitting down to a smorgasbord of potential futures. Your trajectory can be as far-ranging and varied as you wish. Should you have proven financial or mathematical skills by qualifying with, for instance, a Master’s of Science in Accounting and Finance, you can apply for a position in investment, risk management, brokerage, insurance or financial planning to name just a few. With such a transferable qualification, you won’t have to sit locked into a job you despise.

Finding a job in today’s economy can be fraught with frustration, so it’s crucial to give yourself every opportunity to excel at it. If you have a head for numbers, a persuasive personality and a passion for business, a degree in Finance could be your calling in life. Consider yourself fortunate!

By Grace, January 15, 2015
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