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How do you rate yourself as a driver?

  • August 19, 2015
  • By Grace
How do you rate yourself as a driver?

In the UK, there are over 45 million people with an active driving license. That is a lot of drivers on our roads, with varying skills, attention and experience.

But how do you rate your own driving?

It’s all fair and well thinking you are a great driver because you can manoeuvre your car at great speed and squeeze into tight spaces, but in day to day scenarios, how well do you rate your driving?


Ask yourself these questions and see how good you really are at driving. Do you:

  • Always use your indicators to let other drivers know what you are planning to do?
  • Ensure that you belt up before you start your journey and make sure all of your passengers are wearing a seatbelt?
  • Abide by speed limits and make sure you are not speeding on any roads?
  • Are fully aware of all hazards, including looking out for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and other vulnerable road users?
  • Keep an eye on what other drivers are planning to do by noticing their indicators?
  • Speed up to get through a traffic light that has turned to amber?
  • Use a mobile phone for either calls or texting whilst driving?
  • Drive too close to the car in front of you and not leave the correct stopping distance?
  • Hit the curb and not have good spatial awareness when doing manoeuvres?


For most drivers, it should be obvious what the correct answer to these questions should be. But if these answers are not the answers you would give about your own driving, you should think about adapting the way you drive to become a better and safer driver and make our roads safer for all users. There are also now many courses available to help you improve confidence and awareness behind the wheel.

Accidents happen all too often on our roads due to negligent driving. As a society, we need to consider the way we drive and how this could impact on someone else’s life. Freeclaim Solicitors are specialist road traffic accident solicitors who have seen first-hand the devastating effect car crashes can have on people’s lives, and as such, they are strong advocates of any measures that can improve road safety for all road users.


By Grace, August 19, 2015
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