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Fun DIY Storage Solutions For Your Home

  • August 19, 2015
  • By Grace
Fun DIY Storage Solutions For Your Home

The majority of homes struggle with a lack of storage, which can lead to cluttered and unloved spaces. It tends to be a common issue no matter the size of your property or family, effecting studio flats and large homes alike. Although there’s a huge variety of storage options available to buy, they can be expensive and may not suit your needs.

However, whether you’re a shopaholic, a collector or need space to work from home, there are fun DIY solutions to resolve your storage problems, even on a small budget.


Under the Bed

This is an incredible storage resource that either tends to be forgotten or quickly crammed with junk when family visits. Aside from buying a bed with built in drawers, there are several DIY cheap solutions. Add wheels and handles to salvaged wooden crates, install hinges on your bed to create extra storage space, or purchase a circular saw and build your own DIY shelving bed frame.

Up the Stairs

Most people have a large cupboard underneath the stairs, but they’re often disorganised and filled with forgotten junk. If you’d like to take on a bigger and more ambitious DIY project, then consider adapting your stair storage. You could install under-stair cupboard and wardrobes, add display shelves, or transform your staircase into a drawer set.


Hang Your Clothes

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dressing room, then chances are your clothing storage is probably full to the brim. If you don’t have the space or available funds for a new wardrobe, there are some clever DIY solutions. Make a feature of your shoes by displaying them on an upcycled wooden ladder, use old pipes to create a rail, or utilise space above cabinets by hanging clothes from a suspended a tree branch.

Wrap Around Windows

In any home, windows can be dressed and made into a stunning feature. However, they’re often overlooked as an area that can be used for storage. There’s an ample amount of room both above and below a window just calling out for some DIY solutions. You could install a built in ottoman seat, make a window reading nook by wrapping shelving around the window or create your own herb garden by adding indoor hanging boxes.


Wall Mounted Solutions

If you’re needing general storage solutions around your home, there are a variety of cost effective DIY options. Use magnetic paint to create quick and easy memo boards, turn an old shutter into a mail stand, or make a storage rack with by fixing wire mesh to an old photo frame. You could also repurpose button, hangers or spoons to make a coat rack.

By Grace, August 19, 2015
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