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London’s Top Five Areas for New Residents

  • August 27, 2015
  • By Grace
London’s Top Five Areas for New Residents

Not only is London one of the business capitals of the world, but it also features thriving nightlife and many cultural hotspots to visit. Real estate prices have risen considerably over the years, though, making it difficult to find a the perfect spot for your first apartment. Here are five of the best locations for a range of different budgets.


Richmond is a suburban town situated in the southwest of London on a mender of the River Thames. Despite being a zone 4 location, it’s still an ideal location for those commuting into central London as a train to Waterloo Station takes just 21 minutes. What makes Richmond really stand out, though, is the large number of parks and open spaces surrounding the area. This makes it a great option if you’re thinking about raising a family.



Kingston-upon-Thames is another more affluent area in southwest London. primarily known for its shopping attractions with the five-hundred store-strong Bentalls department center drawing over twenty million visitors every year. While its leafy boroughs are home to some of London’s biggest and most expensive properties, affordable homes can still be found in the area making them a worthwhile investment. In fact, last year it was one of the best performing towns in the UK.


In South London, Brixton has become known for its spirited nightlife, community, and music scene. The area became home to many African-Caribbean immigrants in the 1940s and is still today one of the most multicultural communities in the capital. It features an abundance of highly acclaimed independent shops, bars, and restaurants. Though prices in the area have risen due to redevelopment in the area, prices in Brixton are still competitive compared to similar areas.



Also in the south of London is Battersea. Though traditionally an unfashionable district, this has changed since the announcement that the area surrounding the famous Power Station would be converted into residential properties. The redevelopment project is estimated to cost around £6bn with the first homes are set to be ready by 2016/2017. Over 600,000 sq ft of new business space will also be created which will provide 25,000 jobs to the community.


While the average price of a flat in Fulham was over £700,000, making it one of the most expensive areas in the capital, you only have to look at neighbouring Chelsea to see similar properties selling for twice that. There are a number of primary and secondary schools in the area, including the Lady Margaret, one of the highest regarded state schools in London. In combination with the several large and open parks in the area, it’s the perfect choice for families.

If you think a move to the UK capital is right for you, take a look at what’s on offer from estate agents like Morgan Randall. It’s important to understand how far you’re money will go ahead of time so you can best plan for alternatives.


By Grace, August 27, 2015
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