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Why Richmond Residents are Rejoicing

  • August 27, 2015
  • By Grace
Why Richmond Residents are Rejoicing

According to RightMove’s most recent Happy Home Index, residents of Richmond are the happiest people living in the capital and the nineteenth happiest in the UK. Considering its mixture of great places to eat, interesting things to do, and useful transport links it’s not hard to see why either. Here are just a few of the reasons people in Richmond might be so happy.


Places to Eat

Those living in the area have a multitude of options available to them when it comes to eating out. There a host of different cuisines, from the Korean-run Matsuba, which serves both Korean and Japanese dishes, to A Cena, a highly-regarded restaurant that specialises in authentic Italian food and wine. After a meal, you could also stop off at The Roebuck for a drink while you take in the famous views over the fields and the River Thames. For those who prefer to eat at home, there are number of delis and supermarkets, including a Whole Foods, the American market chain that specialises in healthy and organic foods.

Places to Go

Open and green spaces and becoming an increasingly rare sight and London. This makes Richmond Park, the capital’s second largest park with over 2500 acres, one of the highlights of the town. Both pathways and cycle routes are available, and if you’re really lucky you may even spot a wild deer. When taking a walk through the lush surroundings, it can be easy to forget you’re actually just eight miles away from the centre of the capital. If you want to see something a little more exotic, there are over 30,000 different living species of plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is just a short walk away for Richmond residents.


Cost of Living

While it’s fair to say that Richmond has an upmarket reputation, that doesn’t mean to say there isn’t value for money in the real estate market. Two-bedroom flats in the area can be found as low as £1,425 per month from estate agents like Featherstone Leigh, while larger, four-bedroom family homes can be found for £2,800 per month. If these prices seem low, it’s because Richmond is a zone 4 location. In fact, the town was once a part of Surrey before it was transferred to Greater London in 1965. Due to its transport connection to the District Line, though, a train to Waterloo Station takes just 21 minutes, making it ideal for those who need to commute into the city centre.

When asked whether or not they considered the people living in the area to be friendly, Richmond again ranked number one in London. It also scored highly for community, safety, and amenities which contributed to its strong overall ranking.

By Grace, August 27, 2015
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