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Philippine Art: The Best Places to View Street Art in Manila

  • May 8, 2017
  • By Grace
Philippine Art: The Best Places to View Street Art in Manila

The street art scene in Manila has been taking off lately. If you’re planning a visit to Manila, you’ll want to see some of the great street art available throughout this city. Here are the best places to go:

Goodfriend Bridge

Goodfriend bridge is known as a kind of “freedom wall.” That means anyone is allowed to come and paint here- you may even want to give it a go yourself. The good thing about that is it means the wall is constantly changing, and you can see what’s new each time you visit.

Anda Street Basketball Courts

You’ll find this neighbourhood in the middle of the city, in the historic centre. This is a great place to walk around taking photos, and you’ll also see some of the best urban art of the 21st century. If you’re an artist yourself, check out the most famous brands of sketching markers here.


Fort Bonifacio

This is the spot if you’re looking for murals, and high-quality commissioned ones at that. This was once an army camp, and it’s now the commerce and arts district for the Ayala family. If you’re an art lover you’ll love this part of town, and there are continually new commissions from a number of Filipino street artists like Dee Jae Paeste and Jood Clarino, along with interactive art installations for kids.

BGC imported Japanese street artist DOPPEL, an internationally-renowned artist who painted a portrait of Boniface.

Nagtahan Bridge

Manila has recently been changing its tune on public art, and has even been encouraging beautification projets. In 2013, the Urban Artscape Project was headed by professors from the University of the Phillipinse. The underpass columns are 20 metres high, and painted by art groups from the university.

The ten columns are inspired by regional artistic style and revolutionary heroes. Check out the portrait of Rajah Sulayman, and be sure to take photos of the many vibrant murals.

The Collective

For a fun afternoon, go take a look at The Collective. This is a grouping of live art spaces, galleries, and popular shops around club B-side. Each Sunday you can go see live art and live reggae, and talk to different people from all over. Sometimes things turn into a party, and you can also find Vinyl on Vinyl and Kanto Artist Run Space. These are two of the oldest street art galleries in Manila and you can see a bunch of multimedia exhibits anytime you visit.

Have you been to Manila? Did you get to see any of the great street art, or are you planning a trip and photography session soon?

By Grace, May 8, 2017
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