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Five Stellar Origami Projects to Try Out

  • May 17, 2017
  • By Grace
Five Stellar Origami Projects to Try Out

One of the most eco-friendly past times out there, Origami is a great way to kill some time, making beautiful creations from something you were about to throw in the bin!

If practised enough, this Japanese originated hobby can actually become ideal for great presents, decorations and additions to your home design. So take a step back from the recycling bin and take up one of these amazing projects.


Music Sheet Flower Origami

Perfect for cute touches to a wedding, Mother’s Day celebration or just to peruse on your bedside table, flowers made from recycled music sheets are a great project to get involved in. Not only are they great budget decorations, but they add more personality and sentiment. They also give off a vintage 1920s vibe!


Lottery Ticket Origami

To give yourself a real challenge, why not collect your (and all your family’s) leftover lottery tickets to make an incredible origami sculpture. You would be amazed at what has been created with the leftovers from the disappointment of not becoming a millionaire. From shells to giant sculptures, contemporary artists all over the world continue to exhibit how something so seemingly insignificant can become a show-stopping piece of art! However, we would suggest to get collecting now, as you are going to need a hell of a lot! Do you have any old lottery tickets stashed away? Put them to good use by using them for an amazing origami project.


Book Page Origami

Have you been hoarding your lifetime’s collection of books? As many of us are victim to this, you could do the book justice by taking it out from the dark box it has been stuffed into, and creating some impressive folded book art. Taking origami to new heights, you can display them by hanging them  from your ceiling or as an ornament on top of the mantelpiece.


Newspaper Origami Decorations

For a smaller, complex challenge, take out last week’s paper and get folding some beautiful, intricate newspaper decorations. You could add this origami creation to a bag of goodies for someone’s birthday or dangle it from the Christmas tree as part of the decorations. With many more possible creations and plenty of newspaper to go around, this is a great way to spend a peaceful afternoon.


Cherry Blossom Branch Origami

If you are looking to spruce up your apartment, a workspace or create a fantastic backdrop to an event or occasion, why not put down the phone to the expensive decorator and make some beautiful Cherry Blossom Branches? From basic individual flowers to something more detailed, once tied up to branches or sprinkled over a table, cherry blossom gives a pop of colour and tranquillity to a minimalist canvas.

Not only is origami incredibly therapeutic, but starting one of these projects could save you a lot of money and provide your loved ones with something sentimental. And let’s face it, from saving your family and friends a job of throwing out all the above, you will already be in their good books before you have even started the project!

By Grace, May 17, 2017
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