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Top 4 places to visit in Turkey

  • May 9, 2014
  • By Grace
Top 4 places to visit in Turkey

Turkey is an amazing country, located on the crossroad between the East and the West, that organically combines the features and cultures of both, incorporated in its own traditions and way of life. It is surrounded by 4 seas, has beautiful sandy beaches, extensive entertainment venues and animation programs, highly developed infrastructure, luxurious resorts, outstanding service and remarkable landmarks from the Ottoman Empire period and Ancient Greece. Both Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to visit Turkey, explore its traditions, enjoy the caresses of the bright sun and swim in the turquoise sea. There are many places and cities that attract thousands of tourists on Holidays to Turkey, so the challenge is choosing the one that you want to visit, here are the top 4 that I like most:


Istanbul, though not the capital, is the largest city in Turkey, an important seaport, and a cultural and commercial center of the country. It is surrounded by The Bosphorus and the Black Sea and boasts breathtaking sea views from numerous locations. It is situated on both Asia and Europe, divided by the Golden Horn bay. The Old Town, located on the South of the city has preserved its medieval appearance with landmarks such as the Sultanahmet, Hagia Sofia and the Topkapi Palace. The new part of the city is primarily its business and cultural center. The city has many historical and cultural monuments and landmarks that were created during the Byzantine period and the Ottoman Empire’s rule that are interesting to visit.


Antalya is considered to be the ‘pearl of Turkey’, as it offers modern accommodation, magnificent coastline, numerous activities, the biggest aquapark in the country, as well as various shopping venues and entertainment for both children and their parents. This city was first founded in the 2nd century BC by Greek King Attalos, but was later conquered by the Roman, and then the Byzantine Empires. Right now Antalya is a large, modern city that offers numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, countless shops and activities.

Belek Turkey

Belek is well known for its luxurious resorts, beautiful infinite beaches and crystal clear waters. It is located in a remarkably beautiful region, amidst cedar, eucalyptus and pine trees. Belek is a relatively new resort area, its wide beaches stretch for over 20km and the swimming season lasts from May to early October. There are numerous 5* resort properties equipped with latest technology and offering the best comforts there are, including swimming pools of various sizes, tennis courts, golf fields, pompous gardens, sports and activities, an abundance of restaurants and bars. In other words, it is ideal for a careless vacation by the sea.


Though relatively small, Side is a busy resort, located in the South of Turkey. It is one of the most important historical cities, as it has preserved many monuments that have been here for thousands of years and are dating back to Ancient Greece. In Side one can find the ancient amphitheater, the temples of Apollo and Athena, the Side open-air Museum and more. Apart from being an important archaeological area, Side also has many discos, traditional Turkish hammams and numerous beautiful beaches located nearby.

Wherever you choose in Turkey, there’s no doubt that you’ll find yourself enjoying a country rich in culture, history and friendly people.

By Grace, May 9, 2014
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