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Why should you seek the services of a private tour guides?

  • January 26, 2018
  • By Grace
Why should you seek the services of a private tour guides?

There are a number of great reasons why you should consider having a personal tour guide in your next vacation. If you happen to have taken a bus before, there are surely some parts of the trip that you didn’t really enjoy. Travelers who follow this route end up in frustrations. It is probably time you had a change by seeking the services of private tour guides. Here are some of the reasons why you should discover Montjuic with BGB tours.

More personalized tour

If you happen to experience a large tour with too many people in the bus, you will end up in many different sights, and some of them may not be very much interesting to you. This can be more of wasting time to you than being in a vacation. With private tour guides, you will only be in a position to visit sites of choice.


Smaller groups

Having a tour in a large group can be considered as more than a class lecture than something that is meant to be fun and enjoyable. But private tour guides will only involve you and your family or friends. There will be no hundreds of people all screaming to have the guide’s attention. Your tour guide can easily attend to all your questions and ensure that you are satisfied and enjoy your trip to the maximum.


Large tours always involve too many people in different trips and the tour guide may not have enough time to visit all the destinations that you would like to see. On the other hand, private tours are designed to be more comfortable. With a little fee increment, you can book for the trip with the same tour guide and get to see all the places that you have always dreams of visiting.

Saves time

If you have limited time, it can be challenging to figure out all the places you would like to see. Large tours usually involve seeing too many sites, and most of them may not be exactly what you had wanted to see. Rather than wasting too much time on a large tour, why not hire private tours that are well conversant with the locals that can recommend you on the best sites around?

Easier communication

If you are visiting a new place for the first time, it is important to have someone you can easily communicate and know the exact names of new sites and more explanation on your destinations. A tour guide may not be in a position to attend to all your questions if you are in a large group due to too many disruptions. But if you have a private tour guide, they are usually well aware of the local language and can easily explain to you anything that you need clarification on.

Private tours usually involve extra costs. But it will also guarantee you the most enjoyable tour with as less disruptions as possible. The good thing with private tours is that they are comfortable enough for you to have some good free time with your family and friends.

By Grace, January 26, 2018
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