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Why your next holiday should be all-inclusive

  • February 25, 2016
  • By Grace
Why your next holiday should be all-inclusive

All-inclusive holidays used to be the holiday of choice for the wealthy and unadventurous- you know the type- the people who will spend their entire trip in a resort in a Cancun and then tell you they’ve “done:” Mexico.

Luckily, all-inclusive resorts have reached out to travellers who like to get out and explore on their holidays, but simply appreciate having the majority of their holiday paid for before they leave home- and saving money in the process.

It’s easy to assume that since everything is included you’ll be paying more than if you for everything separately, but this is usually wrong. By packaging everything together, you’re much more likely to save money- especially when you consider how expensive food and drinks usually are in the tourist areas abroad.


All-inclusive resorts often have buffet-style meals, making it easier for them to offer cheaper prices. You’ll also save money on things like taking taxis away from the hotel to find food if you decide your hotel is too expensive to eat in.

If you have a destination in mind (or even if you’re still deciding and comparing your options), be sure to try the all-inclusive calculator that Falcon Holidays developed to help people compare all-inclusive options to paying for flights, hotels, food and activities separately.

This calculator takes a good look at many of the things we forget we’ll need to pay for on holiday. Along with alcoholic drinks, we also usually have at least an ice cream or two each day, plus sodas etc. You can select the type of holiday you want, the number of people traveling, how many drinks and ice creams you’ll eat (you may want to double this, since we tend to go a little crazy when we’re overseas.), and the calculator will see if you’ll save money, and how much you can expect to save.


It can be hard to organise a holiday when you’re busy working, and once you’re actually overseas you usually just want things to be as easy as possible. When you pay for an all-inclusive holiday, you’re paying for almost everything at once, making budgeting easier and ensuring that once you’re overseas you don’t need to be constantly doing currency conversions and adding up meals and drinks for each person in the family.

You’ll also save plenty of time, since you’ll know that meals are included in your hotel, so you don’t need to feel like you either need to pay to eat at the hotel every day or take time out of your holiday plans to ask other travellers for food recommendations, find restaurants online and make your way to restaurants and cafes every day.

If you’re aiming to relax completely on your next holiday, all-inclusive is the way to go, since you’ll know that everything is taken care of, the kids are happy in the kids club, and the whole family can eat and drink whenever or whatever they like through the day.


By Grace, February 25, 2016
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