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New Looks for Your Home

  • February 24, 2016
  • By Grace
New Looks for Your Home

The old adage, a change is as good as a rest, has stood the test of time for a reason, so why not get inspired with our top tips for fresh new styles for your home and feel the benefits of a whole new look?


De-clutter your Space

Over time, many people accumulate a lot of things they actually no longer need or use. Clothes, books, bags, and even furniture can lie wasted in your home, taking up precious space while being redundant. Be ruthless and decide what things you really must keep and what items just have to go. This way you free up space for things you love and items that will be appreciated instead of being ignored. Donate or sell anything that is in good condition and use any funds made as a result to invest in furniture or décor that will enhance your living space.


Out with the Old and In With the New

Your home should be a haven, which is why you should invest in things that will make your domestic environment comfortable and a place you love to be. Comfort is the key, especially in the bedroom, and if your bed isn’t comfortable enough to bounce on, then it is perhaps time to invest in a new mattress and bed frame from a reputable and reliable bed company such as Bedstar.


FYI, DIY is in!

Some simple changes and additions to your home could be all it takes to give it the shake up it needs. If you have a lot of books or magazines lying around, taking up space on tables or other surfaces, now is the time to look at shelving solutions. Floating shelves are relatively easy to put up and are fantastic space savers in comparison to cumbersome bookshelves or cupboards. Dot them around the room for a modern take or place them neatly in an alcove for a more traditional look. You may discover that by simply painting a room a different colour, the whole feel of the room is changed and that just a little DIY is required to rejuvenate your entire home.


Be Inspired

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere, from nature’s seasonal palette to online sources, and home and gardening magazines. Go outdoors and begin to assemble your own colour schemes from leaves, take photographs, and be inspired by fabrics found in thrift stores and markets. This is a cost-effective way to assess what will work in your home, and what colours and textures suit your personal taste. If you prefer a more digital approach, use sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr to create your very own mood boards and to seize inspiration from other sites and sources.












By Grace, February 24, 2016
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