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2017 Jean Trends

  • January 17, 2017
  • By Grace
2017 Jean Trends

For decades, jeans have been a staple of people’s wardrobe. Both men and women seem to love them, and they are almost universally popular. Whether you are in Europe, Asia, Africa or virtually any other part of the world the chances are you will see people wearing jeans.

They look good, work with most styles of clothing and are durable, as well as being extremely comfortable to wear. All of which means that you can be certain that this item of clothing is going to remain popular, certainly for the near future.


Narrow cuts still dominate

For the past couple of years skinny cut jeans have been all the rage, and it looks like this is going to continue to be the case for 2017. Most retailers have stuck with that cut, but have added slim and straight cuts to their range.

Wider cuts are starting to become available

A few designers have gone a bit further and started to offer wide-leg jeans as well. This cut is only a step away from the flares we saw in the early 2000s, and is an indication that the skinny jean trend is coming to an end. Boot cut jeans continue to be available, which is good news for those whose legs are not straight enough to carry off a skinny cut, but who do not like wide jeans.


Some of the jeans we have seen on the catwalk recently included interesting little features like embroidery, or patches. This trend taps into consumer’s desire to wear something that is not exactly the same as what their friends are wearing. Increasingly people are opting to add their own touches to their clothes, which many say is behind the growing demand for sewing and craft lessons.


Boyfriend jeans

Perhaps the hottest trousers trend for 2017 is the return of boyfriend jeans. Each designer has his or her own take on what this style is, so the term actually covers a wide range of different jeans. However, the idea is that they look like the woman has borrowed her boyfriend’s jeans and adapted them to fit her.

Typically, they are straight cut, but may be worn a size too big using a belt to keep them up. Usually they also look like they are too long, and had to be rolled up at the bottom to fit, so boyfriend jeans often feature turn-ups.

Distressed jeans are back

There is also a move towards lighter, stone washed and distressed finishes. It seems that the ripped jeans that were last popular in the 80s, are set to make a bit of a comeback during 2017.

Blue jean alternatives

Designers are clearly recognising the fact that not everyone wants to wear blue, so, this year, many are also offering patterned denim. Camouflage and jungle jeans are just two examples of this trend.

Fabric trends

It is still quite hard to get your hands on old school thick denim jeans. They are not really made anymore, but today’s modern lycra, cotton mix materials have the benefit of being easier to care for, fitting better, and being far more comfortable.






By Grace, January 17, 2017
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