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4 ways to look and feel more confident

  • January 21, 2019
  • By Grace
4 ways to look and feel more confident

Confidence is something that seems to come so easily to some people but is elusive as far as the rest of us are concerned. New people, new environments, unfamiliar situations and the fear of looking silly or being judged, it can all have a profound effect on how we behave and react in certain circumstances.

We’re often bombarded with images of flawless celebrities that ooze confidence, either in interviews, Instagram posts or red carpet events like the Met Gala – the Met Gala is a star studded event – but one thing you need to remember about confidence is that for every confident person you come across, there’s probably a hundred more with issues like you and me.

Building your confidence and working on yourself is something that you can accomplish overtime, but for many it doesn’t matter if they feel unconfident on the inside, as long as they look confident on the outside. Try a few of these handy confidence tips.

Stand tall

When it comes to confidence, posture is everything. Walking tall with your head up, shoulders back, eyes forward and spine in a straight, neutral position makes you look as if you’re walking with a purpose and know exactly what and where you’re going. Standing straight is also good for your general posture, your breathing and it’s better for your health! People who tend to slouch to hide their bodies and make themselves look inconspicuous are viewed as such, so remember to stand tall!

Make eye contact

If you don’t want to be judged as rude, skittish and lacking in confidence then you need to remember to make eye contact during conversation. Difficult, I know. When you’re speaking, make you’re looking at addressees eyes and maintain eye contact when they are speaking too. It’s perfectly fine to move your eyes and look away for a moment or two! But try not to do it too much. If you’re speaking to a crowd, try to look at each audience member in turn, even if its just for a second.

Speak slowly and clearly

You might think that speaking at speed and not stumbling over your words and getting into a muddle is a sign of confidence, but actually it’s the opposite. You might also prefer to have your speaking moment over and done with quickly, so it’s tempting to gabble your way through a sentence. When you’re speaking try to speak slowly and clearly. Speaking slowly allows you to think about what you’re saying and won’t open you up to saying utter rubbish in a desperate attempt to say something or anything! It’s tricky but take your time.

Keep your hands visible

Folding your arms or hiding your hands in your pockets is a sign of insecurity and dishonesty. So make sure your hands are visible. You can make gestures as you talk, which in turn will make you look more confident. If the conversation allows – a touch on the arm of the person you’re speaking to also demonstrates that you have confidence!

By Grace, January 21, 2019
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