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Career opportunities leaving education

  • July 2, 2015
  • By Grace
Career opportunities leaving education

You’ve seen your child take their first steps, make the journey through school and now you’re watching them embark on their career. If they’re still unsure of what they want to do, read on to find out more about the potential routes they can take.



Apprenticeships are a great option as they enable your son or daughter to train on the job while also bringing home a weekly or monthly wage.

They’re available in a range of sectors and some of the UK’s biggest companies offer them. For example, Nifty Lift offers a wide range of engineering apprenticeships, which could be a great way into this tough industry for the right candidate.

In many cases, if an apprentice impresses, they could even be offered a permanent position after completing their studies.

University & graduate schemes

University is a great option if your child wants to continue their studies or attain a career where a higher level qualification is needed. However, after graduating, it can be difficult to secure a job that makes use of their new skills.

Graduate schemes are a great entry route to well-paid positions in some of the world’s leading companies. Competition can be tough though, so their CV will need to stand out from the crowd if they are to be selected for an interview.

More information and tips about graduate schemes can be found at Save the Student.


Don’t pressure them

As a parent, it’s easy to get carried away in pushing your child to succeed. However, in pressuring them to get their head down and hit the books, you run the risk of driving them away from them.

Setting your child unrealistic expectations will place extra stress on them — it’s the last thing they need while deciding what they want to do for a career.

Instead, remain supportive. Encourage your child to do the best they can do and help them choose the most suitable route for them. Remember, academic paths aren’t for everyone and your son or daughter can still succeed via alternative means.

By Grace, July 2, 2015
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