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Best football match day hospitality offers in England

  • July 10, 2015
  • By Grace
Best football match day hospitality offers in England

Going to a football match is one of the best experiences for fans to watch their favourite team close up and immerse themselves in a euphoric atmosphere throughout the whole ninety minutes. Travelling to away days with family members or friends is part and parcel of the ritual of being a football fan, with some going the extra mile to prepare journeys to a number of grounds in order to show their support and back their team to the hilt. Fans who are looking for the ultimately match day experience may consider the availability of special hospitality treatment, which numerous clubs around England provide for those who want something more for their money than just a seat. They understand the important role that fans play in the existence of their football club and choose to give them the five star treatment that they arguably deserve for their loyal support. Bookies provides comprehensive football news that can allow fans to make a decision on where to catch their favourite team, whether it is at their home ground or during an away day, with certain clubs pulling out all the stops to provide wonderful hospitality that creates a memorable day for all concerned.



One of the most famous and prestigious clubs in England have stepped up to the plate with a hospitality package that matches the special atmosphere that emanates throughout Anfield. Being able to same the electric atmosphere at Liverpool is accompanied with fantastic hospitality that perfectly accommodates fans who choose to go on their own or with friends and family members. Taking up the option to be a match day VIP in the Centenary Club provides an executive ticket in the Upper Centenary Stand to get a superb view of the stadium and pitch, but the hospitality goes much further than that. Liverpool ensure their VIP members are suitably accommodated for through a four-course carvery meal, along with tea and coffee at half-time and the same drinks, along with sandwiches, after the full-time whistle. Fans also have access to a licensed bar and are given a free match day programme to read at their own leisure, while those who like a flutter can use the club’s betting facility to back their team.



Fans may assume that match day hospitality is all about suits and executive service, but Tottenham have taken a difference stance of match day VIP through a more informal alternative in a comfortable and contemporary setting. Being at White Hart Lane on match day is a fantastic experience in itself, but purchasing a hospitality ticket allows fans to sit in the Executive Long side – an area where they have access to a spacious lounge and bar area from which complimentary gourmet deli sandwiches are served. Half-time refreshments are provided, but there is also the option for fans to pre-order them so they are prepared and ready once the whistle is blown. Arguably the stand-out feature from Tottenham’s hospitality package in the Lilywhite Lounge is the opportunity to meet club legends and be able to talk to them about the game – an experience that any fan would never forget.



When it comes to luxury and upper class hospitality, Chelsea certainly deliver with their Millennium Suite package that is worth every penny. The ultimate match day experience is provided by allowing fans to enjoy their own private suite in the West Stand that hosts up to sixteen guests which provides an amazing view of Stamford Bridge and the playing surface. Each suite comes with a Premier League balcony that is fitted with luxurious padded-armchairs for fans to enjoy ultimate comfort while watching the game unfold, but this does not begin to cover the range of hospitality that Chelsea provide. Even upon entering the suite, fans are greeted with a champagne and canapé reception before being seated for pre-match four course dining that provides flavoursome food. This can be washed down with a complimentary bar which provides an array of drinks, such as spirits, wine, champagne and beer that are provided by a dedicated hostess and waiting staff that bring whatever each person wants straight to them throughout the day. Cakes and biscuits are provided during the half-time interval, while a savoury selection of finger food is on offer after the game has finished. The whole package is nicely topped off by an appearance from a past player who will share their views on the game and memories as a Chelsea player.


By Grace, July 10, 2015
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