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5 home trends of Winter 2014

  • May 26, 2014
  • By Grace
5 home trends of Winter 2014

In the East, winter is seen as a time of reflection; of turning inward. Similarly, the cooler months of the year invite us into our homes, shifting the focus from outside to indoors. Draw some inspiration from the latest interior design trends and create a warm and inviting space that you’d love to stay and hibernate in. We take a look at five sizzling hot home trends for winter/autumn 2014.


Floral fantasy

Floral prints are big this winter and are also a fabulous way to introduce nature-inspired design into your decor; but in a classy and elegant way. Why not combine this with a stunning feature piece like the Lennox swivel recliner accent chair from Super Amart.

Back to nature

Often when we want to reflect, we head back to nature. This latest style trend allows us to transform our homes into an oasis – a place to retreat from the pace and stress of modern life. This trend is all about getting back to basics, about removing the clutter and creating a tranquil interior that you want to escape to. Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture and bold designs; like oversized lampshades made from twigs. ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean boring, it’s really about being inspired by nature and reflecting this in our design choices.

Colour’s back

Beige is out. Sure neutral is versatile, but it kind of lacks personality. Using colour is loads of fun, but make sure you really think about the feeling you want to achieve in each room or throughout your entire home. You also need to consider how much light or dark rooms are. The smaller the room, the better it is to take it easy on bright and dark colours as you don’t want the space to feel even smaller or cluttered. Decor is the easiest and most affordable way to introduce colour. Plus, you can change pieces throughout the year to match the season or when you feel like a change. Consider using coloured rugs, throws and cushions to add some warmth during winter and spice up your home at the same time.


Rich and ornamental

Dark colours and rich, ornamental designs are also big in winter/autumn 2014. Baroque-inspired design and colours bring a feminine and mystical element to interiors and fashion this year. This is a great way to create a very personal space that offers the opportunity for seclusion, privacy and reflection.

Ethnic influence

In keeping with the ban on beige, reconnecting with our roots or discovering new ones is a big focus for design trends this year. Create interest, intrigue and colour through woven items, carvings and ceramics from across the globe.

Make your home a happy, hidey-hole and cast off the winter blues this year, through some sneaky little design choices. You’ll be grateful for the late sunrises and early sunsets as you soak up the warmth and character you’ve created, by following some of the 2014 winter/autumn interior trends. Just don’t make it too cosy, otherwise, you may not want to leave home!

By Grace, May 26, 2014
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