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The ‘Do’s’ to Expect in Winter 2014

  • May 26, 2014
  • By Grace
The ‘Do’s’ to Expect in Winter 2014

Winter means a whole new style for men’s hair – while the summer months may usually be reserved for short haircuts (lest you find yourself sweltering in the sun!), winter brings a lot more possibility. Long, mid-length, thick, there are a great range of different styles that can be explored. Here are some of the best ‘do’s’ to expect in winter 2014.

Luscious and Long

Jared Leto is really spearheading the rising trend in long-haired men – when he took to the Oscars stage with perfectly waved balayaged locks, he certainly made an impression! This hairstyle will be a big hit in winter 2014, the key is to have the courage to rock it, and keep your locks healthy (nobody likes the sight of ratty long hair). If you’re thinking about growing your hair out and want to keep it soft and shiny, try going on the Uppercut Deluxe website or finding their products – they have a great range of affordable but high quality products perfect for keeping hair smooth and strong. The more adventurous can even try a side part cascading down one shoulder – it’s been a big hit on the runway recently.


The 1920’s Quiff

The 20’s are a decade renowned for their fabulous hair – for both men and women. With vintage always being a popular trend, it’s only natural that the distinct look of 20’s hair for men will be a great winner in winter 2014. To pull this look off, use a comb and some gel to part your hair on the side – then sculpt your hair into a quiff. You may need to use some holding pins and hairspray if you find your hair a little disagreeable!

Thick and Slick

For those who don’t really want to add the curl to their fringe, the classic slicked back look is also going to be back in a big way this winter. This look just screams dapper, for guys who want to add a little (or a lot of) class to their look. Just part your hair on the side, and use gel to keep your hair slicked in place for instant suave. This is a really versatile look, and can be worn effortlessly at either daytime or night time events. Great with a suit, great with a t-shirt!


Short Back and Long Top

For those blessed with a thick head of bountiful hair, why don’t you try something a bit different and ask for short sides, but leave the top? This look works particularly well with curly thick hair, and also when it has a nice bit of volume added to it (easy with the use of a comb). It’s definitely one that’ll make a statement in winter 2014 as it really does represent the hairstyle of the modern man.

With winter fast approaching, you’d better start thinking about what looks you’re going to be rocking when the temperature stars a’dropping! There are loads of great options for you to choose from.

What are your favourite kinds of winter hairstyles?

By Grace, May 26, 2014
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