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Cleaning your home in a hurry

  • October 21, 2014
  • By Grace
Cleaning your home in a hurry

The phone rings. On the other end of the line is your great aunt. She sounds cheerful, pleased to hear your voice coming through the receiver. Casually, she informs you that she’s in the area and will be dropping in on you to give you back the hedge trimmer she borrowed last month. Your heart stops. Directly in front of your face, a pair of your underpants is adhered to the freezer. The sink is stacked with dishes and encrusted with the remains of last night’s curry. Red wine has been sprayed up one of your walls and all over the linoleum.

For many people, such a scenario would doom them to half an hour of frantic running around before inviting their aunt in to witness a scene of barely improved devastation. However, owners of a  steam cleaner, such as one of those sold by karcher uk, have given themselves an excellent chance of concealing the evidence of the night before and impressing their aged relative with a spotlessly clean home.


Once all sizeable items, dishes and empty bottles have been hidden in the airing cupboard, the time has arrived to deploy your steam cleaner. Steam is a great way to quickly clean up stubborn stains and remove grease from surfaces. Due to the fact that these clever machines only use tap water, there are no harsh chemicals to upset allergy sufferers. It is also a cheap approach to cleaning and, importantly in a hurry, you’ll never find yourself without the necessary chemicals to make your home sparkle.

Using steam makes lifting dirt off of kitchen and bathroom floors effortless. If grease has congealed on your worktops or in your sink then steam will simply melt it, allowing you to wipe it away in seconds. If dirt has been ingrained into a surface then the steam cleaner will liquefy it and allow you to clean it up. It’s a great tool for de-griming ovens and hobs, if you find that someone has been grilling cheese on toast without a tray.

Turning to the bathroom, the steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning showers and taps. If you have time before your Aunt arrives, it can also easily lift off mould and mildew from your tiles and other surfaces. With a steam cleaner in your home there is no excuse for having a less than minty fresh bathroom.


Your friends will be jealous of your gleaming surfaces and your aunt will be left feeling proud.

Furthermore, wherever you turn your steam cleaner you’ll know that you’re doing more than simply wiping the visible stains from the surface. Steam penetrates into every nook and cranny and goes below the surface to ensure that everything is left spotless and germs have nowhere to hide. The Karcher steam cleaner kills 99.9% of all known bacteria. A reassuring thought for when your aunt leaves and you start to clear out your airing cupboard.

By Grace, October 21, 2014
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