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Four Ways Garden Rooms Can Help With Inspiration

  • June 17, 2014
  • By Grace
Four Ways Garden Rooms Can Help With Inspiration

So many of us feel like we’re creative people and are always looking for ways to make the most of this.

Whether it’s writing a novel, improving our drawing skills, learning an instrument – or simply having space to think up some good new ideas – a lot of us want to create in one way or another.

But, as the old story we’ve all heard before goes, life can make this difficult.

Though some of us are lucky enough to find creative fulfilment in what we do 9 to 5, getting the time to create outside of work is often pretty tricky.

Sometimes making a big change in life can help spark creativity – and a structure from Green Retreats garden rooms UK could be just the ticket. Here are just four reasons why.

Kyoto_Botanical_Gardens (1)

Gardens are inspiring

Garden rooms will often be situated in your garden – for many people one of the most inspiring parts of the home. Surrounded by the creativity of nature, it’s only natural that you might well feel at peace, helping to spark creativity. A more direct link to creativity could be sparked if you want to write about plants or do still life drawings of them, of course.

The garden is often also just a lovely place to be, no matter what you’re working on. Think about opening the door right onto your garden in the summer as you type that novel, for example.


Having other people around can help you focus on creativity – providing they know only to disturb you rarely, and maybe offer you a cup of tea sometimes!

But too much company can kill off the creative urge, as you get lost in chatting to family members instead of working on your own creative project.

Luckily, garden rooms are a great retreat from your own house, somewhere you and you alone can get down to whatever it is will bring you creative fulfilment.

They can be a private studio space where you work on art, a study where you have books to help with your research and a desk to write your novel on, or a gym where you can think your way towards that Eureka moment while enjoying time on the treadmill and more.



Even if they’re not actually around you, families can create noise, whether it’s your son playing music in his bedroom or practicing the violin, for example, or something else. If this sort of thing would get in the way of your creativity after work, a garden room from Green Retreats is a great solution. Not only will its position some way away from your house help limit the amount of other people’s noise you have to hear, their rooms’ stunning sound proofing also helps keep down the level of noise escaping from or intruding into the structures.


Working somewhere beautiful is certainly something that can be inspiring, With their simple, elegant designs, that make you desperate to step inside, Green Retreats garden rooms are a perfect environment to inspire. Not only that, but you can add your own decorative touches to the minimalist interiors to help boost the feeling that this is your creative space.

By Grace, June 17, 2014
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