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Saying It With Diamonds — Using Precious Stones to Achieve the Look

  • May 29, 2014
  • By Grace
Saying It With Diamonds — Using Precious Stones to Achieve the Look

Accessories are an important part of many people’s ‘look’. The type and how they’re worn can say a lot about the type of person they are. It can ‘make or break’ an outfit, or enable the wearer to dress their look up or down.

With that in mind, lots of people are style conscious and look out for quality jewellery, without the high price tag that usually goes with it. For those who are keen to follow celebrity style, jewellers are happy to discuss creating a similar piece at a much more affordable price. Luckily, it’s possible to achieve the superstar look without the need for a superstar salary.


In fact there are lots of options for buying quality accessories without the price tag. The trick is not to buy ‘cheap’ but to buy smart — and don’t overpay.

Below are some tips for achieving the look at a fraction of the cost:


Gem clarity can have a big impact on price. If buying a diamond for example, consider choosing a lower clarity. Clarity is determined according to the number of ‘inclusions’ or flaws it has. There are five major categories:

  • Flawless

  • Very Very Slightly Included

  • Very Slightly Included

  • Slightly Included

  • Included.

Many diamonds which fall into the Slightly Included or even Included category have imperfections that are virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye, especially with the smaller carat stones. These diamonds are significantly cheaper, yet still beautiful.



As with clarity, a gem stone’s colour can affect its value. Again, if looking to diamonds, choosing a slightly lower colour grade will have little impact on the way the piece looks, but can make a big difference to the price. A diamond is graded from Colourless to Tinted.

A diamond graded Nearly Colourless will look no different to the naked eye than one that is Colourless. Further down the scale however, the diamond may be more notably yellow or brown.


The cut of the stone can very cleverly hide any imperfections or flaws. Within reason, the more facets (sides) the stone has, the more imperfections can be obscured. A lower grade stone can be used if it is well cut.


Apart from the stone selected, the type of precious metal chosen will have the biggest impact on the value of the article.

Platinum and white gold are both extremely popular and prestigious choices (who wouldn’t say no to them!), but there are much cheaper alternatives, most of which are just as effective. Palladium is one alternative and offers luxury at an affordable price.


Consider buying a stone that has been pre-loved. These are considerably cheaper and can be customised in exactly the same way as new ones. What you end up with is a great quality accessory at an affordable price.

So when you’re out buying jewellery, these are a few things that you can think about. You don’t always have to go top of the range (even if it is nice!).

By Grace, May 29, 2014
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