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Growing Family? Here Are Some Ideas To Get More Space Without Moving

  • July 25, 2017
  • By Grace
Growing Family? Here Are Some Ideas To Get More Space Without Moving

At some point, most families will begin to grow when partners decide to have more kids. The problem is that cash flow is an issue for most people at the moment, and so they might struggle to buy a larger property. For that reason, many families feel cramped in their current home due to recent expansions. With that in mind, there are some fantastic tips in this article that could turn the situation around. Contrary to popular belief, most people can create more space at home without spending a fortune. In many instances, those folks don’t even have to obtain planning permission. So, use some of the ideas from this page to make the most out of the family home right now.




Consider moving the home office outside


Lots of people work from their home office these days, but that will often take up a bedroom inside the house. When families expand, they need as much space as possible. So, that bedroom would be better used for its real purpose. Thankfully, there is a simple solution that isn’t going to break the bank. Armstrong Steel buildings and those designed by other industry experts offer the perfect solution. In most instances, the family doesn’t need to apply for planning permission as the construct is considered temporary. Still, they’re an excellent purchase for anyone who needs to move an office or games room outside.




Convert the attic


Depending on where the family lives in this country, they might not have to apply for permission for a loft conversion. That is often the case if the home is detached, and the work won’t disturb any neighbors. The job itself could cost somewhere in the region of $10,000 to $20,000 according to The Spruce. That is much cheaper than buying somewhere new in most instances. Families can use the new space as an extra bedroom or in any way they feel appropriate. It’s possible to reduce the cost of an attic conversion by using the DIY method. However, that is not advised for people who have no experience in the process. It’s usually best to employ the professionals.




Add a conservatory at the rear of the property


Conservatories or sun rooms are an excellent choice for families looking to expand. They typically add an extra lounge to the property where people can chill out and enjoy nature. Again, homeowners will have to invest, but the job shouldn’t empty their accounts. Most professionals can build and connect a conservatory in a couple of days, but sometimes it takes longer. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the size and shape of the structure, and the quality of the land on which the experts will build. Sometimes it’s sensible to level the ground off ahead of time.


At least one of the ideas mentioned in this article should seem appealing to all families. So, homeowners just have to perform some more research, make their decision, and create a plan. If there are financial issues, the individuals can always remortgage their current home to obtain a lump sum of cash. Good luck!


By Grace, July 25, 2017
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