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Little Touches That Make A Big Day Truly Special

  • June 6, 2017
  • By Grace
Little Touches That Make A Big Day Truly Special

So, a big day is approaching. It might be an anniversary, a birthday, celebrating a job promotion, or something entirely different. The point is that it’s supposed to be a special day and handing off a gift just isn’t going to cut it. Here, we’re going to look at how you ensure you don’t disappoint and you create a day for your loved one that’s worth celebrating.

Give a little context

A great way to start a special day is to give a little something that adds that “special feeling” first and foremost. For instance, flowers make a fantastic gift for the start of the day, right down to the message you can craft with them. But letting someone lie in with breakfast in bed or taking care of what would normally be their responsibilities gives the day a bit of a miniature holiday feeling. It sets them up with the perfect mood for the day.

Give a little time

Some point of the day should be set up specifically for spending time with them in a way that you don’t normally get to. If it’s your husband, for instance, it might a trip out with the family or a special date that doesn’t require the fuss and preening of what you might consider conventional. If it’s for one of your kids, then ask them where they want to go for the day. Most kids have destinations in mind they don’t get to see as often as they would like.

Give a little you

Instead of fussing and fretting over what kind of gift to get your loved one, think about a gift that involves a little more personal investment. Spending your time on them in the day can be a great idea, but if you show that you’ve been spending plenty of time on them in preparation of some homemade creative gifts, it can create a really touching moment and something they’ll treasure a lot longer than they might treasure something from the shop. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to personalize and customize a gift that’s unique to them.

Give a little appreciation

For those that you’re particularly close to, the icing on the cake of the day can be when you loosen up and let those feelings just gush out for a change. Love letters might be exchanged most commonly between married couples or partners, but they don’t exclusively have to be for them. You can create little notes of appreciation, listing what you’re thankful for about someone, for anyone in your life. It might be a little embarrassing to get out all at once, so jot down a bit at a time, everything you’re reminded of something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The truth is that without a little effort into making a day feel special, it doesn’t feel special. In return, the person who the day is supposed to be about won’t feel special. Make it your opportunity to celebrate them as you don’t get to in everyday life. It’ll create a much stronger, positive relationship.

By Grace, June 6, 2017
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