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Why flowers make the best gift

  • March 17, 2017
  • By Grace
Why flowers make the best gift

There’s a reason why so many people give their loved ones flowers for special occasions. Flowers carry personal messages- while you would give your girlfriend or wife a large bouquet of red roses for her birthday, you may not do the same thing for your best friend’s wife unless you want to raise some eyebrows and cause some serious concerns.

Flowers are also an excellent way to show you care when your loved one lives in another city, state, or country, as they can be ordered online on sites like and delivered asap.

The Human Emotions Lab at Rutgers University found that people who send flower (compared to other gifts) are viewed as emotionally intelligent, caring, successful people.


Many people assume that roses are only reserved for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, however this isn’t quite the case. While red roses still symbolise romantic love and should only be given when you have a romantic relationship with that person, white roses are a lovely birthday gift for friends and family members. Yellow roses are also a safe, innocent selection and perfect for occasions like birthdays or to say congratulations on a special accomplishment.

Orchids used to be the flower for the pampered and rich, but this is no longer the case. There are a number of beautiful hybrid breeds which show how much you care and are also super easy to care for so the person receiving them won’t need to worry about their maintenance. These types of flowers are an appropriate gift for distant relatives, coworkers, friends, and close relatives- no matter their age.

Chrysanthemums are an excellent choice for people you don’t have a romantic relationship with. While they may be a little too tame for your lover or spouse, they’re the perfect way to congratulate a coworker on a promotion, brighten the day of a friend who’s going through a rough time, or delight a younger family member with her first bouquet.

Tulips are recognised around the world as a sign that spring is on the way. A bouquet with a variety of different coloured tulips is bound to brighten the day of your loved one and cheer them up if they’re going through a rough time.

Christmas blooms are another excellent choice if you’re unable to make it to Christmas because you’re working or based overseas. Since Christmas can be an expensive time of the year for many families, Christmas blooms often get overlooked but can really brighten up a room and add to the festive feel. They’ll also release an amazing smell and have visitors commenting throughout the holiday.

There are also a number of add ons that you can choose to go along with the flowers, which can ensure the perfect combination for a well-rounded gift. Some of the favourites include hand-dipped chocolate berries, a fruit basket, balloons, wine, cheese, cupcakes, and cookies.

Have a look at the infographic below to know more:


By Grace, March 17, 2017
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