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Affordable DIY Home Improvement Ideas

  • March 17, 2017
  • By Grace
Affordable DIY Home Improvement Ideas

There are several home improvement projects that you can complete on your own. These projects will not break your budget, but the end results will look as if they did. Grab some tools, do not forget your eye protection and welding equipment from Welding Outfitter, and get started on upgrades to your bathroom, kitchen and other places in your home.

Give Your Bathroom a Mini Makeover

If you have always wanted your bathroom to have a natural design, using natural stone is the way to go. Installing a vanity countertop made from granite is one way to quickly and inexpensively add stone to the décor.

Granite countertops are available at most of the large home improvement stores, including Lowe’s. Depending on the size of the countertop you choose, you can pay as little as $100 or as much as $500. Even if you add in a new mirror and a faucet, you will still pay less than $1,000 for the entire renovation.

It is best to order all of the items you are going to install during the renovation, and do not begin until all the items have arrived at your doorstep. Always check the items for any flaws like cracks or scratches before installing. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls can complete the look, and the bathroom makeover can be completed during a weekend.


Halogen Track Lighting

The one reason why halogen track lighting has become so popular with home improvements is because the lighting allows you to place it exactly where you want and need it. This means you can add the lighting to counters, objects or walls, and immediately brighten the area.

Track lighting uses small halogen bulbs that emit a stunning bright light, and they have reduced in price over the past few years. An added benefit is that track lighting systems are now being designed so they can easily connect to the standard voltage in your home. You no longer have to use a Transformer for track lighting.

A basic track lighting kit can cost as little as $150, and can be installed in two hours or less if there is an electrical box in the ceiling.

Closet Organizer

If your closet looks as though it has been hit by a windstorm, a closet organizer can help you clean up the clutter and give everything its proper place. You also do not have to spend a lot of money so your closet can be neat and tidy.

It is easy to install wire shelving systems, and they are affordable and practical. Once installed, they immediately increase the amount of storage in your closet, and the shelves make cleaning your closet a lot easier as well. You will be able to place almost every item in your closet on the wall and the floors will stay clutter free. An added bonus is that wire shelves do not collect dust.

Even someone who is inexperienced with wire shelves can install a closet organizer by using a few hand tools, a drill and a level.

Take a few days during your vacation or even a weekend and start working on some of those household renovations you have been thinking about. It is amazing how much you can transform your home during your spare time.

By Grace, March 17, 2017
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