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The Magician’s Code For Selling Your House With Decor Tricks

  • October 27, 2017
  • By Grace
The Magician’s Code For Selling Your House With Decor Tricks

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You don’t need us to tell you that moving house is stressful. Finding a new home for your family is tough. Get it wrong, and you’ll all be miserable. We would say no pressure, but…

That pressure drives house hunters to do extensive research, and view many properties before settling. The harder you work, the better chance you stand of finding a property which suits. But, before you can even consider houses, there’s a more pressing, and equally stressful priority to take care of. You guessed it; you have to sell your home.

Waiting for your house to sell is often like waiting for tomorrow; it never comes. All too often, things don’t go as fast as we’d like. The viewings just don’t seem to reap rewards. The good news is, there are secrets to getting the job done. A little clever decor could be the difference between sale or no sale. All you need to do is learn the tricks of the trade.

To start your journey, take inspiration from other sellers, like those at As well as allowing you to gain an idea of potential future homes, the images on these sites can show you what works. And, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. And, to make the journey even easier, we’ve pulled some old tricks out of the bag.

The power of a good paint job

When selling, never underestimate the power of a good paint job. This is important in a few different ways. A freshly painted room is sure to look more appealing. It’ll hide a multitude of sins, and look a lot more welcoming. Plus, the color of your home can predict the price you get. So, as well as freshening things up, you should consider the colors you choose to use. Something as simple as a blue front door could earn you up to $1,500 extra!

Plan where you place your pictures

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Having pictures on the wall is always a good idea when you’re trying to sell. They add that personal touch and promote the house as a good family space. If you can get a family portrait taken in the house, all the better for selling. But, the pictures alone won’t sell the place. Think, too, about where you position them. You might not have the funds to fill those holes at the moment, but you can always cover them with a carefully placed frame.

Draw the eye to the best features

It’s also worth using your decor expertise to draw the eye to the the best features. If there’s a feature fireplace in the living room, for example, that’s where you want your guest’s eyes to settle. Equally, a brick chimney breast in the kitchen should be the focal point. For the most part, these features will speak for themselves. But, you can help things along with a vase of flowers, or some decorative plates hanging on that feature wall. In no time at all, the offers will come flooding in.

By Grace, October 27, 2017
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