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5 Ways you Know It’s Time to Buy a New House

  • July 11, 2015
  • By Grace
5 Ways you Know It’s Time to Buy a New House

If you’re interested in luxury real estate, you may be wondering when the right time is to buy a new house. Here are 5 ways you know it’s time to buy a new house:

1.    You want control of your environment and surroundings

If you find yourself feeling the need to remodel your bathrooms, put in a swimming pool, or make any other big changes to your property, and you don’t currently own that house, it’s a sign you should be thinking about buying.

When you’re living in someone else’s space, there are certain things you can’t do, and if you’re a homeowner you’re obviously going to be far more likely to invest more money into remodelling and changing the house, since this will also pay off in the long run if it comes time to sell up.


 2.    You’re interested in a specific school district or neighbourhood

If you’ve realised you want to live in a specific area, it may be time to think about moving.

If you want your family to live in a particular part of town, or want to send your kids to a specific school, it may be a good idea to move now and offer your family stability for the long term.

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In fact, Florida is a full time paradise along the year, the weather is always warm and a luxurious lifestyle is the rule number one for its residents.


3.    Your family has grown or will shrink

Often people are inspired to buy a new house because they’ve realised they have too many people for the number of bedrooms or bathrooms in their house. Maybe you often have family and friends to stay, and need extra space for guests, you’re expecting a new baby, or planning a family for the near future.

Or perhaps it’s the opposite, and the kids have moved out of home, and you feel silly using all of that space. Downgrading in space can often mean you can upgrade in location, and choose something which represents your new needs.


4.    You fall in love with a property and cannot stop thinking about it!

Maybe you come across a residential project like Latellier Miami Beach and you simply fall in love with such luxury tower, or perhaps you wander into an open house, and can’t imagine life without waking up in that new house.

You may find a deal so amazing that you can’t say no. You may have had your eye on a house for a long time, and it’s been waiting on the market, or maybe the owners have only just decided to sell.

Look at what the market is doing, and if you think your life will improve when you’re living in that house, it’s time to move in.


5.    You can afford to purchase it

Sometimes people will have a downpayment ready to go, but are afraid to part with the money. Remember, property is an investment, and you don’t want to risk losing your dream home simply because you hesitated for too long.

If you can meet the mortgage repayments and have the downpayment, call your agent and set the wheels in motion.

If you are frequently thinking on buying a new house, listen to your heart and analyse your economic situation with your head, maybe the time has arrived, now is a great time for real estate investment. What about you? Are you craving on owning a brand new house? How are you getting ready? Please leave your comments below.



By Grace, July 11, 2015
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